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Developing solid relationship between the union and the employee

Jin Mao News
2018/02/01 10:20

1.Take the standard labor contract as the entry point, to create a platform for harmonious development.

Since the establishment of our company, we have established and improved the labor contract system, standardized the labor contract signing, implementation, renewal, alteration and termination and rescission, since the Labor Contract Law was issued in 2007, our company has timely convened the workers' Congress, improved the labor contract management system, straightened out the labor relations, implemented the labor contract and realized the contract rate of 100%, and signed the Collective Contract, Collective Wage Agreement, "Special Collective Agreement on Rights And Interests Protection of Female Staff, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees from the source, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of harmonious labor relations. This series of practices not only accord with the basic requirements of labor contract law, but also listen to the voice of the vast number of employees and take into account the interests of the state, enterprises and individuals, which are supported by the vast number of employees. The employee manual has become a conscious action of the staff. In the process of correctly enforcing labor law, we have achieved not only the protection of staff' rights and interests, but also the satisfaction of both operators and employees.


2.Take the security system as the carrier to consolidate the foundation of harmonious development.

Our company consciously implements the minimum wage guarantee standard of Ningbo, persists in its monthly minimum wage being not lower than 120% of that of Ningbo and adheres to the combination of wage level with corporate economic benefit thus to increase the wage year by year stably, perfects and pay attention to salary distribution system to realize higher wage level of staff in the industry.

The company implements the system of workers' congress, and the company leaders attach great importance to the workers' Congress. All major enterprise matters are promptly discussed through the Congress, and implemented after the perfectness of the corresponding schemes. The contract contents of labor compensation, rest and leave, insurance and welfare, staff training, are signed after consultation with trade union on an equal negotiation. According to the agreement in the contract, the company has unified standards for paying social insurance funds and housing provident funds to its employees, such as old-age care, medical insurance, unemployment, work-related injury, maternity and housing fund, which greatly enhance the cohesion of enterprises. At the same time, we handle "in-service staff hospitalization medical mutual assistance insurance" for the staff.