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Training of legal and business knowledge

Jin Mao News
2018/02/01 11:01

1. Pay close attention to the ideological and political education of the staff, take the Propaganda Column as the carrier, rely on various forms such as holding meetings, organizing the vast number of staff to concentrate on study, and using their spare time for extensive self-study, so as to conscientiously study the Party's principles and policies., make political learning really put into practice, and constantly strengthen the staff's political consciousness, overall situation consciousness and responsibility consciousness. Through the study of the socialist core values, educate and guide the staff to strengthen their ideological beliefs, firmly establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook and values, so that they can consciously cultivate the spirit of treating others with sincerity, being kind to others, and helping others, openness basing on sincerity.





2. Carry out targeted training on legal knowledge and professional knowledge, to enhance the legal awareness of staff, clarify their own responsibilities and obligations, and continuously enhance their principles, foresight and creativity in their work, firmly establish the business concept of "managing according to law and managing legally" to maintain normal business order. Over the years, we have strictly followed the requirements of laws and regulations such as the Company Law, the Contract Law, the Customs Law, the Commodity Inspection Law, the Accounting Law, and the Tax Law. We have managed and standardized operations in accordance with the law and maintained a good credit record.