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Jin Mao News
2018/02/01 11:15


1. In order to praise the hard working of the vast number of employees, in accordance with the management mode and management characteristics of the company, set up an "export award", convene and summarize commendation conference in each year to solemnly commend the advanced collective of the year. Meanwhile, publicize their advanced deeds in the company by the means of blackboard newspaper to encourage the advanced departments to carry forward their deeds, guard against arrogance, advance with the times, make exploration and innovation thus to strive for another success; as the same time, urge other departments and employees to sum up conscientiously, take them as models, work hard and positively, keep up with each other, and realize their own value in speeding up the construction and development of the company.




2. Through the selection of the "worker Pioneer", the May 1 Labor Medal of provinces and cities, the advanced grass-roots party organizations, the outstanding Communist Party members, the outstanding party affairs staff, and the outstanding league members, carry out technical competition among the staff to encourage all the staff to base themselves on their posts, do first-class work and create first-class achievements. In recent years, a number of clothing branch, Weitian branch, Electrical lighting branch and other advanced collectives and Yuan Xiaofan, Chen Caigen and other advanced figures have emerged. At the same time, conduct extensive publicity and create a advanced-orientation good atmosphere through meetings, publicity columns, version reports, short messages, thus to promote the healthy development of corporate culture.