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Labour union of Jin mao

Jin Mao News
2018/02/01 11:44

1.Give prominence to the service function of the labour union and make great efforts to do good deeds for the employees Participate in mutual medical care, annual physical examination, sick visit, marriage and fertility congratulations, excellent staff convalescence, difficult staff condolences to make the employees really appreciate the warmth of Jin Mao.





2. Conscientiously implement the provisions of the Special Collective Contract for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women Staff, earnestly safeguard the legitimate and special rights and interests of women staff, and advocate a good moral practice of respecting and protecting women's legitimate rights and interests. Organize female staff to watch films, participate in mountaineering competitions, healthy health knowledge lectures, young staff friendship activities, baking training, and so on, from all aspects to unite the strength of female staff, to show the demeanor of female staff.







3. In order to create a good atmosphere, improve the cohesion of the enterprise, and enliven the cultural life of the staff, the company organizes the staff to participate in mountaineering competitions, tennis competitions, basketball competitions, photo competitions, bridge game, speech competition, aerobics competition and other series of activities. Through the colorful activities, make the staff exchange mutually in the activities to enhance understanding, promote the development of corporate culture and create a unified, struggling and progressive atmosphere.