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Jin Mao News
2018/02/01 12:00

Over the years, we have been taking “making earnest efforts to promote public good” as the due social duty of our company. We have organized the staff to participate in “Aid the Impoverished Students in Guizhou” for many times. So far, we have funded more than 40 students to complete their education, donated over 3,000 pieces of clothes and more than 400,000 RMB in many disaster areas. Meantime, we have set up the education scholarships fund, and built the Ningbo Jin Mao Teaching Building for Chenying Center Primary School in Wannian County, Jiangxi, sponsoring hundreds of students learning in spacious and bright classrooms. We have fulfilled our corporate social responsibilities well.






2.Donate RMB 150,000 yuan to impoverished area, use it to set up Education Scholarship Fund, help the students who are difficult to complete their studies successfully, encourage the students with good grades to be more Dmitri Trenin.



3.Dated 500,000 yuan in Jiangxi province Wannian County Chenying Center Elementary School New Ningbo Jin Mao teaching building, causes hundreds of students to stride into the spacious bright classroom, has performed the enterprise social responsibility better.